Tap for your health

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Not just tango dance whom have benefit in health and therapy affect, but also tap dance. Tapping the shoes into the floor meaning that you have extra energy to be put in your legs that could balance your blood stream.

What are the benefit tap dance in your health, below are the following 3 benefits of Tap dance your health:

Motion Tap dance can strengthen the legs, thighs, and can improve blood circulation in the legs.
Smooth blood circulation in the feet to effect the circulation of blood to the brain, because human blood vessels based on the soles of the feet.
Studies conducted by experts in recent years, indicating that the practice of Tap dance or any type of dance can develop the ability of left brain that processes information in daily chores or language that goes to the brain.

Tap dance

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Tap dance is a form of dance which using shoes making noise such as percussion instrument and of course with hardwood floors. The unique characteristic of tap dance is tapping shoes that intended to produce a sound pressure level of the shoes. Usually tap dancer perform without music, but these days you could find tap dance accompanied by music.

There are two variations on the tap dance which are Rhythm (Jazz) Tap and Broadway Tap. Broadway Tap Dance focuses more on the sides, is widely held as part of the musical theater. While Rhythm Tap focusing only on the music side, and became part of the jazz tradition.

Tap dance could be performed with one/single dancer or a few people, if some people in the right dance, they must work together to create the sound keep their steps on the correct speed to match each other.
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Hip Hop Dance

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Oversize pants with a twinkling necklace and snapback that adorn the head, these punk looks and fashion are first introduced as accessories for hip hop dancers. Why oversize pants, so the dancer able to move more freely, and those oversize outfits actually became one of the attraction of the dance that looks good.

Hip-hop is a culture that is first known in the 1970, developed by American society, and Afro Latin America. So hip-hop is one of various elements that include DJ (Disc Jokey), MC (Rapp, with Rapping), Breakdance (B-boy and b-girl) and Graffiti, and the farther there is also present other elements such as Beatbox, Streetball and fashion, and also hip-hop dance.
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Salsa Dance

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The word Salsa comes from Spain which could be translated as sauce, specifically for type of spicy sauce that usually used for the Latin America foods. However, the notion of Salsa as a dance and music genre apparently had passed through long history and fill with controversy.

Most of research indicated that salsa music we currently enjoy is in fact formerly known as the “Cuban Son”, a music genre that originated in the province of Oriente in Cuba. Cuban Son begins in the late 19th century, with a fusion of African culture and representing Spain, combining the concept of rhythm, harmony, and melody from both traditions.

At the beginning of the 20th century, music has entered into various genres Cuban Son music, with a clave rhythmic characteristic that until now being trade mark to Salsa music. Traditional musical instruments used at the beginning birth of the Cuban Son among them tres, bongo, clave, maracas, güiro, and other bassist instrument (marímbula, botija, or contra bass European-style), as well as vocals. Before the start of use of piano instrument and guitar, tres was the only melodic instrument that is responsible to provide elements of melodic and harmonic to the song.
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Tango dance as a therapy

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Tango dance which are known as its passionate and aggressive steps, are being analyze for its function in therapy. This therapy is effective enough to reduce some pains from some patients.

As it is done in one of the hospitals in Buenos Aires Argentina, tango dance were introduced as therapy for the patient’s. And the best part of these treatment is that it could give more time for patients to enjoy themselves.

This kind of therapy could bring joy and get the relationship more closer, there are no doctors, no nurses and no patients, in the dance room, they all blended together and become tango dancers. And the therapy also help the patient to relax and forget their illness they suffered for a moment.
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